About Hearts In Cars

A statement from the Founder

There I was approaching a red light I had visited a thousand times before, only this time it was different. I was newly divorced, and had what could best be described as a lack of self-esteem. I was confused about my life, where I currently was, and where I was headed. I hadn't entertained the idea of seriously dating again until that moment. As I came to a stop at the traffic light, I noticed the driver in the car next to me. We looked at each other, shared a smile, and I suddenly began wondering where this would go. A moment of mutual attraction mixed with wonder and intrigue. Do I roll my window down? Do I pull over? My temptation was quickly censored by the thought of danger and vulnerability. As the light changed, I looked ahead, still smiling as I watched his bumper go before me. The smile on his face and the twinkle in his eye left me wondering what could have been.

Months later, I witnessed a similar situation between two strangers. While sitting in gridlock traffic with my windows down, I was able to hear a man and a woman, in separate cars, expressing their attraction for each other. They were smiling and laughing. After a few minutes of conversation, they exchanged numbers. Their conversation continued until the traffic started to move. They said their goodbyes and he pledged that he would be calling her soon. It was bittersweet, and it reminded me of my previous situation. I may never know whether or not that man called that woman, but they had an opportunity to start a relationship that would have otherwise have been lost. It propelled me to think of how many others are affected by similar situations. This was the beginning of the idea of HeartsinCars.com

There have been many hurdles in the fruition of the website. I want to take a moment to thank all of my Family and Friends, especially my Mom, my Husband Joe, David, Carlos, Earl, Nora, and Tim. Thank you for pushing me, guiding me and believing in my dream.

I believe that life is like a drive in a car. You have to know when to pump your breaks, press on the gas, and honk your horn. Well, i have to tell you i pumped on the breaks and decided to focus on creating this site and business. I pressed on the gas and pushed myself harder than i have ever pushed myself before; and thats how its possible you are reading this today. As far as who am I honking my horn at; it would have to be directed toward the big dating sites to encourage them to move over and make some room for the little guy; or should i say girl? :) 


Wishing you love,

Michelle S.

GirlBehindGlasses INC