Dating Safety Tips

When you begin your journey with us we would like you to think about the following questions:

  • What are you expecting from this type of communication? We suggest always being up front, and honest with yourself, and the ones you are communicating with.
  • How are you planning to safely interact with new people you do decide to meet? We believe it's imperative to have a plan implemented before any meet-up. We will explore that more on this page below.

Please take into consideration, the fact that HeartsinCars DOES NOT provide any type of criminal background checks on any of our members, and or verify if any of the information provided to us is accurate and true. Ultimately, you need to be aware that your online and offline safety is your sole responsibility, and should be your highest priority always no matter what the situation. We understand that meeting new people can be very exciting, but please don't let it cloud your judgment when making decisions. We want your experience here to be a pleasant one, and we care about your safety, and at any time you want to communicate with us about a topic we are all ears. Please visit our Tales of a Heart Page here to do so. We want to make it clear to our Member's that we DO NOT moderate or observe our Member's private messages. When submitting a claim to us reguarding misconduct within your private chat we would ask to please use the Tales of Heart page to reach out to us immeditaly, so we can prompt you in making the best decisons going forward, and help us in making sure that Member is handled appropriately. 

If at any time you feel victim of a scam, or want to report a Member's suspicious activity, please do so immediately here, if you are unsure about what deems suspicious activity please read on.

Remember, you are always capable of making the best judgments when coming to your own safety, and this helpful page should never be misconstrued as a substitute for your own judgment in any given situation.


Here a few measures, and some helpful advice you can take while interacting with our members online, while establishing your impression within our online neighborhood.

  • When registering be sure to use a password that only you know. Be sure to use caution when accessing HeartsinCars from public non secured computers, where your password can viewed, or taken along with any confidential information you decided to share within your private chat with another member.
  • While HeartsinCars does not currently have an area for you to tell the community about yourself in detail, exercise caution while privately messaging, and what information you do decide to share. Never give personal information like your Social Security number, Bank information; including credit cards, your place of employment, or your home address. Never arrange to send money, or receive money under any circumstances, including wire transfers, even if they are expressing severe hardship, or if they want to monetarily compensate you.
  • Remember, HeartsinCars will never ask for your password at any time. If in an event you are being asked any of these questions, please contact us here to report, for this is what we consider suspicious activity. Other suspicious activity are but not limited to; someone trying to sell you something, harassing, or offensive language, anyone asking for donations, being dishonest, or any profiles you personally think are illicit. Remember, you always have the option of blocking a member at any time you desire, and use this function as you deem necessary.
  • When beginning your communication be sure to ask lots of questions, and explore avenues to ensure the person you are communicating with is in fact whom you they purport to be. Always evaluate the conversation and the potential or likelihood of you authenticating that person before using other paths to connect such as; phone calls, emails and social media friendships. We encourage our members to take advantage of public search engines, and or established government resources that are available to the public for you to perform a necessary search of your person of interest. Be sure to explore as much as you can within the HeartsinCars online neighborhood before venturing outside of it.
  • Be creative. HeartsinCars wants to remind you that you are NOT being matched in any type of way within our online neighborhood. We have founding questions we ask all of our members to answer to help guide you along your journey, and hope this helps you make the best decision you see fit, given the information provided to you. We ask you to make the most out of your conversations, and always be true to yourself. We ask you to offer honesty within your conversations, and make them meaningful. Only you can make the most out of your experience here. We will continue to provide a high quality experience; however it all goes back to you, and what commitment you are willing, and able to make on your journey here in HeartsinCars.


We have complied a helpful list of Do's and Dont's we believe will help aide you as you progress to this next step of communication when you decide you are ready to make that choice.


  • Arrange a plan, prior to any meet up. Including but not limited to, telling a friend, or family member details like location, time, and expected arrival home time to organize a call or text to ensure you made it home safely from your meet up.
  • Choose a location based on a few criteria's :
  • Well lit
  • Public location with people around
  • A place you are familiar with
  • Be aware where your personal items are at all times. Keep them close to you, or always have an eye on them
  • Conceal credit card information while paying bills, or tabs and never leave them unattended.
  • Take a mental note of where the closest exits are to you in the establishment you are occupying, and never forget the power of your voice when an undesirable situation arises. It's okay to excuse yourself at any time you are feeling uncomfortable during your meet up.
  • Arrange your own transportation to and from your meet up. Don't get a sense of security because your meet up went well, and accept a ride from your new found friend.
  • Use your car as a tool if applicable. This is a place where you have control. Don't ever share the location of where you parked, and if that's not possible then remember these facts. You have options such as, locking your car doors, rolling up windows, pulling away, and driving to a safe haven or even the local police station.
  • Be sure to have a full phone battery upon the beginning of your meet up, and if you can bring a charger with you
  • STAY SOBER, and never leave your beverage unattended during your meet up.


  • Accept prescriptions or drugs in any circumstances; even if they are prescribed, and readily available by your meet up.
  • Be secretive about your plan of a meet up, and not tell a friend or family member.
  • Feel pressured in any type of way to perform an action, or engage in a situation you feel uncomfortable with.
  • Go to place that is private, or that does not get cell phone reception.
  • Spend an excessive amount of time answering phone calls, replying to emails, and or messaging during your meet up.
  • Underestimate the power of eye contact, and body language
  • Allow yourself to be discouraged in your journey, if you didn't think your meet up went well.


HeartsinCars would like to bring awareness to our members about the important aspect of healthy living, and how your choices can impact others. We encourage all types of relationships within our online neighborhood, and want to acknowledge the decisions you are faced with.

Please keep open communication about your health, and well being, whether your relationship began on HeartsinCars or not, with your partner when the time arises to have that important conversation. It's important to ask questions, and to make yourself informed before any acts are carried out.

You and your partner should engage in protected sex, and utilize condoms, and some other over the counter options available to you, and the general public at ease. They are located at convience stores, most gas statons, and your local pharmacy, ect.  These can drastically reduce your risk, and or the possibility of passing along STD's. However, you should be aware that there are some that you can contract from contact of skin to skin, even if a condom is used. Be cautious and make sure you are ready for this next step in your relationship. It's important to know the signs and symptoms of STD's, and get testing done regularly to ensure the quality of your own health. If you can't have this important conversation with your partner yet, then you should consider waiting to perform the act until you can.


Although we have no control over how, or if you decide to use the removable identifier offered to you during your sign up process, we would like to extend some helpful advice pertaining to it.

The identifier has a unique code that correlates back to your online profile. ANYONE can type in that code and pull up your HeartsinCars license that displays some basic information about you, no worries; rest assured that if the person who is searching you, isn't a HeartsinCars member only your PICTURE is shown and NO OTHER information is presented to them. IF YOU DESIRE for your picture NOT to be SHOWN, then simply edit your profile, and your ENTIRE LICENSE will not show any identifying information except your registered selection of whether you are a Male, Female, or a Someone. Remember, if someone would like to reach out to you; after they performed a search of your code then they in fact would have to become a HeartsinCars themselves FIRST to COMMUNICATE with you. 

You have choices to make of how you are going to interact with the HeartsinCars identifier, and only you can make this choice.

Which will you choose of the following:

  • Either utilizing your PDF given upon registration (Remember, you always have access to your temporary  incase you loose your permanent identifier) while waiting for your identifier to come in mail, you can CHOOSE to place the identifier on your car and do nothing else but drive on your merry way!
  • You can CHOOSE to FORGO the usage of your identifier all together, and strictly use the functions available to you online. (Simply shred it, and discard; or maybe keep it for safekeeping encase you change your mind?) Please keep in mind that HeartsinCars is planning to grow organically WITHOUT any purchased databases. With that said, if you perform a search and there are a limited number of Member's in your area, we ask you to please do the following. (1) Maximize your search when using the zip code search function; (2) Be patient with us as new Memeber's are joining each and every day! 

No matter how you CHOOSE to you use your identifier, we would like for you to ask yourself a few questions (if they pertain to you), and let your thoughts help guide you

  1. How often am I utilizing my identifier?

    Maybe you do place it when you are feeling confident that day, and simply if you are in good spirits, and or have time to respond to the members that may or may not reach out to you because you placed it.

    Maybe when you're feeling under the weather, and or knowingly have no time to communicate online you will temporarily remove it.

    Either way, keep in mind of where you are traveling!

    Are you on your way to your employer, or your home? Maybe you are less likely to have this on your car when traveling to these places.

  2. Am I going to leave the identifier on my car while not occupying the vehicle? We think it's safe practice to remove it before leaving your car unattended, and concealing it away where no one can see it. A glove box perhaps?

    We want to make you AWARE of a few things before you choose to place your identifier on.

YOUR identifier or ANYONE else's should never DISTRACT you from your DRIVING obligations, EVER


Our Identifiers are designed with the fact in mind that we believe they are EASILY recalled and remembered. If you can't remember an identifier code, then maybe it's NOT meant to be. (The number (#) 0 will never be found on an identifier; this is so you won't be confused with the letter O)

Check with your local and state municipality's and gain awareness of your vehicle laws BEFORE using your identifier!


If you are in immediate danger, or know someone that is please don't hesitate to Call 911 Emergency situations can include, but are not limited to verbal, and or physical abuse, including threatening words

Additionally, if something has happened and you are in need of advice, or support please call the 24 hour hotlines listed below.

National Domestic Violence Hotline

1-800-799-7233 / 1-800-787-3224 (TTY)

Call 1-866-331-9474 / 1-866-331-8453 (TTY)

TEXT love is to 22522

In order for you to do your own due diligence consider using the website below: