How This Works

We here at HeartsinCars would like to extend a thank you at this time for considering our services. We have worked hard to potentially provide this service to you, and are grateful you have even made it to this page!

We hope that within this page you find helpful information such as:

  • An explanation of our services, and features
  • Our pricing Structure and membership options simplified

We hope you experience a few things while visiting our site too; like:

  • Easy navigation
  • Gain a clear message of what we are all about; which is OUR MEMBERS, and their satisfaction!
  • Acknowledge that we are aiming to please our members, and welcome feedback from them at any time.

OUR SERVICES is a website that offers it's members a way to effectively, and amusingly communicate online with other HeartsinCars members via a Messaging platform. We assign each and every member a unique code that correlates to their online profile; or better known as their (HeartsinCars License).This code can also be chosen to be used on a removable identifier (we are launching with a Magnet); that our member can CHOOSE to place on their vehicle completely at their own sole discretion. 

We offer a Helpful safety page that our members can access during their journey here online, and offline if they choose to make that next step! Our members satisfaction is of the up most importance to us, and we hope that it's portrayed in all we do. You can access it HERE

We also have a page called Tales of Heart which allows our members to communicate with us effortlessly regarding a number of topics. Whether our member wants to report suspicious activity, or share a successful love story we hoped to have streamlined this function for them! You can access it HERE

Be sure to thoroughly read over our all our Legal's for our site; for even accessing this site, and being on this page, you are held accountable for the verbiage stated within these agreements. We want nothing more for you to be aware of your obligations as a HeartsinCars member or even if you are just visiting our site. You can access them here:


We aim to provide a high quality cost effective service for our members. There are no additional hidden fees, and no in app purchases to worry about because; well were not an APP!

So, with that said; let's get you caught up with the memberships we offer!

HALF A TANK MEMBERSHIP (great name, huh?)

half tank

  • $9.99 per month ( reoccurring unless canceled ) 
  • You are assigned your very own Unique Code that correlates to your online profile; or better known as your HeartsinCars License!
  • You are able to perform an "identifier" code search, and able to be searched and found by your unique code!
  • You are automatically sent a PDF of your identifier accompanied within your conformation email that you provided us upon signing up; that you can print, and use right away per your digression, enabling you to use that function right away if you desire while you wait for your identifier to be shipped ( if you decided you wanted one, in the first place)
  • You gain access to communications with our HeartsinCars online neighborhood via messaging.
  • 1 (one) HeartsinCars FREE identifier (removable car magnet)
  • You are capable to do a zip code search; narrowing our members, and able to perform "actions" within the chat platform.
  • Our (car themed) actions are able to be selected, and pop up in your chat window for you and the other member to see
  • Capable of performing part of our TINTED FUNCTION that allows you to tint yourself to other members. 


half tank

  • $19.99 per month ( reoccurring unless canceled ) 
  • With this membership you receive everything a Half a Tank member does, including the following!
  • An additional 1 (one) FREE identifier (removable car magnet) ~ That makes TWO! Have a second car? Or want to make sure your code is seen?
  • Capable to see who has viewed your HeartsinCars License!
  • Capable of performing our Tinted function!!

* The tinted function allows our Member to control thier TIME stamp that is able to be seen within the online neighborhood to everyone or just one particular member!  This is a very important tool, and can be used to thier benefit. Maybe they  want to browse online without being known they are online? Our member can become tinted or untinted at thier leisure. Remember, there's no way for other Members within the online neighborhood to know which membership our Member's have selected, and which functions they are capable of.

* All memberships are designed to be reoccurring monthly charges, unless you decide to cancel; of which you will find that action easily accessible within your membership dashboard, and upon you submitting your request; the action is immediately taken care of!

Remember, when a Non Member searches our Member (using thier code) one of two senerios will pop up ( and this is just one of our Member's choices they make in thier profile preferences) 

1) Our Member's heartsinCars license will pop up, thier information is blurred, however thier designated profile picture will render. 

2) Our Member's HeartsinCars license will pop up, thier information is blurred, however thier ICON ( orginal image, before they selected a profile picture will render. (Giving reference that our Member is a Male, Female, or Someone).  The Non Member will be informed that this Member chooses to be discrete, and the Non Member will be prompted to become a Member themselves! Only Members can communicate with other Members! 

Please visit our DATING SAFETY TIPS page to find more helpful information about our site!